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    by  • July 22, 2014 • 0 Comments

    Early Access has been an interesting new development for video games. Developers are now releasing games before they’re completed, selling them while they’re still in a buggy, but often still playable, state. Games like Assault Android Cactus, The Forest, and Broforce weren’t actually all the way done when I played them, and the developers...

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    I used to enjoy pre-ordering games. I remember getting a clock when I ordered Chrono Cross, and this was at a point when you didn’t even have to put any money down on an order. I jut said that I wanted the game, gave the cashier my phone number, and away I went. It...

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    Girls Allowed

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    Hear about that Hearthstone tournament that’s making the rounds right now? The one that wasn’t going to let girls compete so that it could make eSports a more legitimate sport? People sure got mad at them, and I don’t blame them since they phrased things the way they did. Just coming out and saying...

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    Editor’s Blues

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    It only takes one yes to sell your story, and I know that. Funny thing is, I know it from both ends of the spectrum, as I’ve picked up on just how hard it is to get noticed from the massive amount of emails I received when I was the only one covering PAX...

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    To make more time for writing other stuff (like horror novels) and submitting short stories (so I can make money to buy food with), I’m doing away with Thursday’s posts. Unless I have something that just can’t wait, I think having a post here is a bit excessive when I already have a new...

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    Joel For Sale

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    I didn’t think that marketing was the sort of thing I would ever have to learn as a writer. I just kind of hoped that my own creative ability would be enough to carry me through. I mean, if my writing was good, then people would come find me, right? I doubt I’m the...

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